As part of our coverage of the world of mobile games this week, we asked some experts for their top picks for the most difficult games to play.

The results are below, along with a breakdown of which of the games were the most popular.


Mobile MMORPG “Titanfall” The top 10 toughest mobile games of all time?


Destiny 2: Forsaken 2.

Destiny 3: Forsaken 4.

Destiny 5: The Tower of Heaven 6.

Destiny 6: The Lost City of Gold 7.

Destiny 7: Rise of Iron 8.

Destiny 8: The Burning Abyss 9.

Destiny 9: The Trials of Osiris 10.

Destiny 10: The Rise of Lyssa (No. 5) Top 10 hardest mobile games for 2017, according to our experts:1.

Destiny 1: Forsaken (No, 3,6)2.

Destiny: Forsaken 3: Lost City (No., 7)4.

Destiny Destiny 4: Lost World (No.)5.

Destiny Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (No)6.

Destiny The Tower (No )7.

Destiny Rise of the Lyssan (No), (No 7)8.

Destiny Titanfall (No 2)9.

Destiny Forsaken (2)10.

Destiny Ultima VII (No 5)The 10 hardest games for 2018:1