An Israeli company announced on Thursday that it will hold a mobile game-jam in Jerusalem on March 15, 2018.

The event will be held in the same spot as the Jam for Mobile Games, the largest game jam in the world, which is held annually in Jerusalem.

The Jam for mobile games, organized by the Jerusalem Center for the Arts and Culture, is the largest gathering of mobile game developers in the Middle East.

The organizers will hold the event in the area of Qalandia and Mughrabiya, as well as other locations across the city.

According to the Jam, the aim of the event is to “provide an opportunity for Israel’s most innovative game developers to meet, collaborate and create for the first time a new mobile game that will delight players around the world.”

It is being organized by Tel Aviv University students.

The Jerusalem center will be the host for the Jam.

The center has been hosting games jam events since 2013, with more than 20,000 participants.

Last year, the center held the Jam at a new location in the Old City, as part of a celebration marking the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Israeli flag in 1948.

According the Jerusalem Post, the Jam will take place in the courtyard of the Jerusalem Public Library, and will be open to the public.

The jam will start at 12:00 pm and will last until 3:00 am.

Participants can come to the center and download their own games, while others can join the jam by visiting the Jerusalem center website.

The developers of the mobile game called “The Dead Man’s Switch” are expecting to receive their games by the end of the week.

In addition to the mobile games jam, the Jerusalem Jam will be taking place in conjunction with a series of international conferences, which will feature games from some of the biggest companies in the mobile industry.

The biggest events in the history of the Mobile Games Jam have been held in Paris, Stockholm, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Paris and Milan.

The first one took place in 2017, and the second one will be on March 11 in Berlin.

The Israeli gaming industry has been in a decline for a long time.

The number of Israeli mobile game companies has shrunk by around 70 percent in the last 10 years, according to the Jerusalem Play Festival.

However, the Israeli mobile games industry has managed to rise by around 50 percent since then.

The Israel Mobile Game Jam will help the industry grow and improve its chances of making a comeback.

A number of mobile games that were released in Israel, such as “The Last Starfighter,” “Halo: Reach,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “ZombiU,” “Poke,” “Nexus 4,” “Crazy Taxi,” “Super Smash Bros.” and many more, are also expected to be included in the event.

According a statement from the Jerusalem game jam organizers, the goal of the Jam is to offer “the opportunity for Israeli developers to collaborate and share their experiences and knowledge of mobile gaming with the world,” while also offering an opportunity to create a new Israeli game that is fun and unique.