The Pokemon franchise, once one of the biggest in gaming, has suffered a blow after the franchise’s biggest star, Ash Ketchum, posted a video on social media saying he was quitting the series because he doesn’t like it anymore.

In the video, the former Pokemon player talks about the game’s lack of variety, and how he feels it encourages players to play the game the way they would a video game.

But as the video gained attention on social networks, a number of people pointed out that it was the Pokemon series’ most famous character who was talking about his departure from the franchise.

Ash Ketchamp says he is leaving the series, and says he doesn.

Here’s what we know about him and what the future holds.

Ash was the lead character in the original Pokemon series, which ran from 1996 to 2000.

He is also known for his voice actor, Tom Kenny.

In Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Gold, Ash was one of many Pokemon who joined forces with the various Pokemon trainers and battled in an attempt to capture a legendary Pokemon, Pikachu.

It was not a particularly popular game in its day, and players tended to take more risks.

Ash says that after he joined the series he was introduced to other characters and was given a set of skills that he could use in the game.

He then joined up with Team Rocket to take on the Elite Four, a group of powerful and evil Pokémon.

The series went on to include Pokemon from other countries and the world of the future, including the Kanto region.

It also included the legendary Mewtwo.

In 2010, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire introduced a new character, Mewtwo, which has since become one of Pokemon’s most popular characters.

But in the last few years, the series has lost its popularity and its most famous Pokemon, Ash, has taken on a more prominent role in the franchise, often playing a prominent role on-screen.

Ash’s comments have prompted a number people to question his motives for leaving the franchise and why he has decided to quit.

Many fans are concerned that he may be leaving because he is tired of working as a video-game artist.

He also seems to be a bit of a celebrity in the video game industry, which is a very exclusive niche.

The Pokemon franchise has suffered from some serious problems over the years.

In 2008, the company announced that it would be shutting down after almost two decades of operation.

Ash has since joined forces up with fellow Pokemon actor Kenny to create a new franchise called Pokemon Next, and he is still busy working on it.

Ash said that he has been working on the game for nearly two years now, and that he is really excited to finally bring the game to a wider audience.

But he did admit that he does not want to quit, as he feels that he can still do the series justice.

Ash told Al Jazeera that the franchise will remain relevant in the future.

He also believes that it can be a lucrative venture for Nintendo, and has suggested that the company could also make a deal to license the Pokemon franchise to another publisher.

Ash, who has been known to appear in promotional videos for Pokemon, told AlJazeera that he hopes to keep the series alive and he believes the future of the series lies in the gaming industry.

He said: “The future is here, I believe, it is just a matter of whether it is going to happen or not.”