iOS and its apps will no longer be sold in Apple’s App Store and iBookstore, Apple announced on Tuesday.

The company said that Apple will no long support the iPhone and iPad versions of its iOS and iReaders, as well as the Mac App Store.

The company also announced that it will no more sell the Mac OS X and the iOS versions of Apple’s Mac OS, the iOS version of the Mac browser, and the iBook software.

The new policies were designed to “rein in the growth of third-party apps, and stop their spread,” Apple said.

Apple previously sold third-parties’ apps in its AppStore and iDownload stores.

The new policies will take effect on May 14, but Apple said it will continue to support third-platforms like Windows, OS X, and Android for the foreseeable future.

The news comes amid an escalating war between Apple and the developer community, with developers pushing for Apple to shut down the App Store entirely and to allow third-market apps to continue to flourish.

Apple’s Appstore is a $99 per year subscription service for developers that lets users download iOS apps, which can include third-Party games, photo-editing apps, music and videos, news and sports, and more.

Developers often include third parties in their apps to offer features like photo-enhancing tools, text-to-speech, and geolocation functionality.