New York’s best-selling indie game maker Gundam has announced a new, high-end mobile game console.

The company’s new device, the GUNDAM Mobile Game Console, is set to go on sale on November 11, priced at $899.

The GUNDam Mobile Game console is a $300 smartphone app.

Gundams developer, Jelena Daskovic, says the GUONDAM Mobile game console will be available to download for free on November 10.

Daskovics new device is an app-based console that is “completely free” to download and play.

The console is built on the GUIDEX 3 processor, which is based on Intel’s quad-core Broadwell processors.

The device’s specs include four USB ports, eight gigabytes of storage, a 3.5-inch 720p display, two speakers, and a 13-megapixel camera.

The app store for the GUONAM Mobile console allows users to download a variety of GUNDAMS games for iOS, Android, and Windows PC.

GuNDam has also released a free app that lets users control their GUNDams mobile game with their phone, including voice control.

The mobile console also supports Bluetooth headsets and games that have a multiplayer component.

The first GUND AM console is being released as part of the Ouya platform, which also offers a range of smart devices that will work with the console.

Guonam says the new GUONDAMS console is designed for developers to create mobile games, and will be compatible with both Android and iOS.

“We’ve designed this console to be a full-fledged game development platform that developers can build on to build mobile apps for their games, including GUNDAMES, a mobile game engine,” Daskovich said in a blog post announcing the console’s launch.

“The GUONDAME platform allows you to create the most sophisticated and fun GUNDAMI games with your favorite GUNDames developers and GUNDOMS players.”