The makers of the mobile puzzle games King and Loop have teamed up to create an official mobile game called King’s Labyrinth.

King’s Labyrinth will feature a full game, with more to come, according to the game’s description.

King’s Labyrinth is set in a magical, 3D-animated world, where the players must solve a puzzle-based story that spans the ages of four worlds, each of which has its own unique inhabitants.

King said the game will launch on the Nintendo 3DS, Apple TV, and the Amazon Fire TV devices later this year.

King has long been a big supporter of mobile gaming, with its latest mobile title, King’s Quest: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, coming to Apple’s Apple TV in 2019.

It also has the upcoming King’s World game, which is set to debut later this month on the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.

King also announced a new mobile game for the Apple TV called King of the Hill, which features four players battling over a basketball court in the game of King of Atlantis.

The game is scheduled to launch in late 2018 on the AppleTV, AppleTV 2, and Apple TV with AirPlay.

King said in a statement to GamesBeat that the game is “inspired by the many stories and themes that the King series has inspired.”