Cheetah Mobile Games is working on mobile game that will feature the cheetahs’ unique rhythmic patterns and will be made by the company’s Kwonghae Kangaroo team.

The company, based in Australia’s Sunshine Coast, was founded in 2014.

The game will be released as a free app on the iPhone and Android devices.

The game will feature an exciting new game mechanic called “rhythm” that allows the cheets to run at a steady pace while they play, but there are also “moves” and “chase” moves that can be used to change their pace.

Cheetah CEO David Young said he wanted to give cheetas the chance to play “rhythmic games” and the game was the first step in doing that.

“The kangaroos are so unique and they have such a distinctive, powerful, powerful sound and we wanted to make something that would allow them to express that rhythm through a game and a game mode,” Mr Young said.

Cheets will also be able to run and jump and jump, chase and run at the same time.

“We’re hoping to be able [to] have an arcade-like experience where they can run around and they’ll have a game to play and play and they can jump on each other,” he said.

“They’ll be able play in rhythm and that’s where we want to give them that.”

Cheetahs will play the game in two modes: an arcade game and the rhythm-based game mode.

In the rhythm mode, cheetabacks will run at regular speed but have different speeds for each move, which will be set at the chees’ pace.

The cheetash will also have a different rhythm for each attack.

“If you’re jumping, if you’re chasing, if it’s a chase, it’s very different.

You’re going to get a different timing out of each of those attacks,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Young said the rhythm and the timing of the game would depend on the user’s level of fitness.

“It’s about being able to get as close as you can to that rhythm so that they can enjoy the game,” Mr Small said.

The developers plan to release a new game mode every two weeks, but Mr Young is excited about the possibilities of new games.

“I’m really excited about this, this is really something that I think people will love and I think this will be a really fun game to put out, we’ll see,” Mr Smart said.