The official website for Gangnam Style: The Movie announced on Friday that the film will premiere on iOS devices, and that an Android app is being developed.

A preview of the movie, which features music from the soundtrack to the film, was released earlier this month.

It was produced by The Big House and features Kim Dong Hyun as a rapper who is obsessed with Gangnam style.

The trailer shows a gang of street artists battling against a group of gangsters, including Kim Dong Hyeon.

In the trailer, Kim Dong Yoon and Park Jin Ho join forces with the rest of the gang to save Gangnam.

The official website of the film says that the first trailer was released in July and that the rest will be released in late July.

However, the official site has no information on when the movie will premiere.

It does list the movie as a limited release, which is limited to 1 million tickets.