Mobile games have been getting a bad rap in recent years, with some saying they’re too hard to play on an iPhone.

The industry has been trying to move to Android, but some developers have decided to ditch the platform entirely.

Mobile games have come a long way from the days when you’d have to buy a smartphone and then spend hundreds of dollars to play them.

Now, with a new generation of smartphones and the advent of games on the go, developers are struggling to get their games onto the devices they need.

Some have been forced to make their mobile games free, while others have taken their existing apps offline.

For example, developer and publisher of the popular MOBA MOBA Arena League, Kinguin, announced this week that it will no longer be supporting Android.

In an interview with Kotaku, Kinguu, a French company that makes League of Legends and League of Explorers games, explained why they decided to change course:”We believe the mobile games industry is in a difficult position.

People don’t really like to buy an app and then have to wait for the game to load.

We also think the mobile industry has too much competition.

We’re looking at what’s available and the mobile players, we think that’s a bit risky.

We think it’s a good time to try new things.”

Kinguin is one of the few mobile developers that are still committed to Android.

It’s not the only one, however.

Mobile games developers have a number of reasons for keeping the platforms online.

One of the reasons mobile games have not grown as much as they should is that people don’t want to pay for an app, says David Smith, an app development consultant and developer of the award-winning game FarmVille.

The main reason people don ‘t buy apps is because they feel that they don’t need to pay, Smith says.

“People are paying for things like entertainment on the internet, or games.

So people want a product that’s free, and they want to play it and have fun.

I think that mobile games are really a good thing for the industry because we’re able to keep the user engaged with the game, and that’s something we don’t have with apps.

That’s a big reason why mobile games and games are still popular.”

A number of mobile games developers say they’ve made the transition to Android in recent months.

For example, developers at developer studio Bluepoint Games have switched to the platform because they can’t play on the iPhone anymore.

In fact, some mobile games, like FarmVilles upcoming MOBA, can’t be played on Android at all.

“We’ve had a lot of discussions about it, and it was really difficult to get on the platform,” Smith says of the decision to go with Android.

“I know a lot [of mobile games] people think Android is better, but we know Android is not as good as iOS, and iOS is still really strong.”

Smith believes that the mobile game industry is going to be “back on its feet” once more popular smartphones come online.

“We are seeing more and more people playing games on smartphones, and there’s going to come a time where the games market will get to that point where it will be the dominant one,” he says.

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