This week, mobile game developer Sonic Mobile is introducing a new mobile game, Feudal Warfare, in which players take on the role of feudal lords. 

“The game is a real-time tactical game, so players will be able to use their mobile device to take part in battles using real-world battlefield tactics,” a Sonic spokesperson told us.

“We want to take the game and bring it to new generations of mobile gamers.”

The title was announced last week and is available on iOS and Android devices, with the first wave of beta testers arriving in October.

Feudaltives will feature “more tactical gameplay and better AI than our previous titles”, according to the developer.

“The title Feudals is our latest entry in the mobile games universe,” said Feudalo, adding that it’s also the third game in the series.

“The genre is still relatively new and there’s a lot to learn and grow from.

But we’re excited to give our fans an all-new, challenging game to play with their friends and family.”

Feudalo’s latest title, Fusujo, will launch in March on iOS, Android and Windows.