Posted May 06, 2018 07:08:20Today I’m going to show you how to make your own mobile fighting game using Unity 4, using the new Unity Mobile Platform.

I’ve put together a video demo that shows you how this can be done, and if you’re interested, the source code for the demo is on GitHub.

I’ve also written up some tips and tricks for building mobile fighting games, including a full guide on how to get started.

This tutorial covers using Unity to create a mobile game for the iOS platform.

This article is part of our new mobile fighting tutorials series.

Find out more about our new series.

This is an updated version of the tutorial that was originally published on May 06.

I hope you enjoy this article.

This tutorial shows how to create an iOS mobile fighting app using Unity 3D.

If you’re using Unity for iOS development, this tutorial will be helpful.

If you want to download and try the app, please see the Download Unity Mobile Fighting app guide for more information on how this works.

To get started, we’ll create an app called the Fighter, which has three fighters, all with their own unique movesets.

To get started we’ll go to the site and click Create New.

This will open a new Unity 3d page, and click the “New Project” button.

You can also find the code for this app at

This code is available for anyone to use, but I’d highly recommend using this code to build your own iOS fighting game.

To build the app you need to select a platform.

In this case I’ve chosen iOS, but you can select any platform that you’d like to use for your mobile game.

You’ll then be prompted to choose a platform for the game to run on.

You can choose either Unity for iPhone or Unity for iPad, or you can choose any of the other platforms we’ve shown.

Click Next, and then choose the platform you want the app to run in.

This page opens up, and the app appears to have the latest Unity version.

You should see an iOS or Android icon next to the platform name.

The next screen shows you the app’s name and title, as well as a list of available platforms.

Select iOS for the first platform, and Android for the second.

Select the third platform to be our main game and click Next.

This creates a new folder for the app.

In the app folder, you’ll see the default settings.

You’ll also see a list to the right of this list, which is where you can change the game’s name.

This is a list that shows what platforms the app runs on.

This next screen is where we’ll set up our controls.

You’re now ready to add controls to the app!

Select the “Game” section in the “Settings” menu.

This opens up the “Controls” tab.

Here you can add any controls you want, but we’ll stick with Unity controls here.

In this screen, you can set the size of the screen, and change how the controls are displayed.

You set the “Width” and “Height” for the controls to make the game look larger, and set the controls’ “Rotation” to be horizontal.

We’ll also adjust the controls for the “Jump”, “Aerial Jump”, and “Dash Attack” controls.

The controls for these controls are set to the default Unity controls.

This means that these controls will be the same for all the controls in this app.

We’re now looking at the “Rearrange” controls in the game, which allow the player to rearrange their control settings to their liking.

We can now change the controls again, and select the “Dash” and/or “Jump” controls to use the new controls.

Finally, we can change “Reverse Roll” to use Unity controls, or select any other control you’d rather use for the move.

The last screen lets us set up the UI elements.

This menu is where the app will show you the default controls for each control.

In our first control, we’ve set it to show the front of the player’s head.

In the other controls, we’re showing the player in front of their head.

To change this control, just choose “Change”.

To make the controls bigger, we need to adjust the “Size” slider, and we can adjust it to fit our needs.

We also need to set the rotation of the controls so they’ll align with the screen.

We now have the controls set up, ready to use!

If you’d prefer to add some more controls, just set the controller options to your liking.

To see the controls change, you should now see an icon for each of the control.

This icon will change color depending on how many controls are selected.

For the player, this

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