You know how when you’re playing a video game, you’ve got to keep going to keep playing?

Well, in a world where video games are becoming increasingly mobile-focused, that means making a game that zigzags around your house.

And if you’ve ever tried to make something like this, you know that it’s almost impossible.

The ziggy game you’re trying to make might be the best way to make sure you’re always playing, and that’s what zelda developer futanari has done with the mobile game Futanari, which lets you create and play your own zigZag adventure.

The game itself is based on the classic Zelda franchise, but it takes the formula a step further by offering a more interactive mode.

Instead of the traditional one-button start and finish that’s typically associated with Zelda games, you can use the gamepad to play out the game by moving the zig at the end of the path you’re currently on.

The developers have also made a few tweaks to the game’s controls, including a better aiming system and a more intuitive and fun-to-use interface.

To make it all work, though, you’ll need to learn how to make the game yourself, and Futanar has a tutorial that will teach you how.

As a bonus, the game includes an animated GIF of the zag, so you can make your own GIF with it.

You’ll also be able to buy the game in the game store for $2.99, which is an excellent price for an interactive mobile game.