Google announced today that it is buying mobile games company Konosube for $9.9 billion, bringing its total acquisitions to $20 billion.

Konosubu is one of the most successful and well-known mobile game developers in the world.

Google also acquired games publisher Playfish last year.

Konosesubu CEO has a reputation for being an innovator in mobile game development.

Konosebukuro is also known for producing innovative and engaging mobile games.

Google acquired Konosudasubu in September 2017.

Google will also pay $2.5 billion in cash to acquire a minority interest in the company.

KonoSubu’s shares closed today at $9 a share.

Konosisubu has an existing shareholding in Playfish.

Google said in a statement that the acquisition is part of its continued efforts to build a strong ecosystem for mobile games and to continue to invest in the industry.

“Our acquisition of Konosu means that Google will continue to support Konosuda, a company that has developed many of the industry’s most successful mobile games,” said Jeff DeLuca, executive chairman of Google Play, in a blog post.

“We look forward to working with KonosesUBu on future projects and will work with Konosubsubu and Playfish to deliver a strong, vibrant ecosystem for developers to reach a global audience.”

Google Play currently supports around 1.2 billion apps on its devices, making it the third largest app store on the planet.