Google’s mobile game manager Android app has finally landed in the iOS App Store and, in an effort to show its Android-ness, it’s made available to users in the app store.

The app has been available for some time and now is officially available for download on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

It features a full-fledged game mode and can be used to play various Android games such as “Champions of the World,” “World of Tanks,” and “Mortal Kombat.”

The Google Play app offers a variety of games, including some of the most popular Android titles like “Champion of Time,” “Pokemon: Indigo League,” and many others.

While it’s a nice update to an already popular app, it does come with some limitations.

The Android app can’t display the latest news or videos, nor does it show any game-related advertisements.

The Google Android app will work with a number of other Android devices, including the OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, and Google Pixel.

The Google Android team says it’s working on a way to bring the app to iOS devices in the future.

It may also be compatible with Apple’s upcoming App Store in the near future.