The tech giant is testing a new ad format that will make it easier for gamers to buy and play mobile games on its site.

Facebook’s latest ad campaign for Angry Birds uses mobile gaming ads as an ad platform.

READ MORE: Mobile gaming’s growing popularity is a boon for the company, but its growth is also attracting attention from advertisers and regulators, who are increasingly concerned about the growing amount of advertising that’s being sent to consumers via social networks.

“As more and more people use social media, we’ve seen an uptick in the number of ads on the site and in the mobile game market, so the mobile ads we’re testing are a way for us to be able to more directly connect with consumers on our platform,” Facebook CMO Chris Cox said.

The ad format is designed to help users find and buy games, while also providing an easy-to-read way for advertisers to identify where the ads are coming from.

Ads in the format are placed above a video of the game in question, so that users can quickly identify the game and the ads they’re seeing.

“It’s really important for us as a company to make sure that we’re not just trying to get as many ads in as possible,” Cox said, noting that he believes Facebook’s advertisers are using the format more than ever.

Facebook is testing the format on mobile games and it’s a step towards its broader goal of making it easier to buy, play and share games across mobile platforms.

Facebook has been experimenting with various advertising formats for mobile games for some time, but this is the first time the company is actually making use of ads as part of a marketing campaign.

The format is currently being tested on mobile gaming, but Cox says that Facebook plans to roll out ads for other mobile games as well.

“We’re really excited about this, because it really opens up the platform to more advertisers, and the ad formats are really powerful tools to use to reach a wide audience,” he said.

Facebook plans on rolling out more ad formats in the future.

The social network has seen the rapid growth of its online gaming business in recent years, and now that it has hundreds of millions of users, it is increasingly relying on ad formats to target its audiences.

“This is really exciting, because we’ve got a great platform for us,” Cox told Business Insider.

“The platform is open and we want to share that platform with the advertisers.

We really believe that the best advertising for the best advertisers.”

Facebook’s ad formats will be a big part of the company’s efforts to make gaming a more viable option for users, as well as to make advertising on the platform more useful for advertisers.

The company has also launched ads for its video game platform, and is testing some ad formats for its online shopping platform.

But Cox says the company isn’t trying to compete directly with its competitors like YouTube and Amazon.

“These are the types of ads that you can use for your own content,” he explained.

“You can use it for videos or ads, you can also use it to reach users who might be interested in your brand.”

Facebook has also created a platform for advertisers that lets them reach users through a video-streaming app.

Cox said that the platform will help advertisers find users, but he said that there are limits to what content users can share on the app.

“I’m not saying that there isn’t value in that,” he added.

“But we do have a set of rules that govern what we can share, and they’re really important to us as an advertiser.”

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