As Facebook continues to push its $1 billion acquisition of game-based entertainment company Pandemic Inc., and the company’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg discusses the company as a whole, some critics have been asking why the social media giant doesn’t just go all-in on the platform, and launch its own game-focused app.

In response, the company is apparently considering creating a separate app for the whale-themed game genre that would allow people to play with a whale as a friend.

The idea, according to a report from Business Insider, is to “provide a way for people to explore different kinds of whale interactions, whether they’re playing with their whale buddies, or with a real-life whale.”

That’s good news for anyone who wants to play in real-time with their friends, and the idea seems to be gaining traction among whale fans.

The app would feature a variety of different types of whales that you can befriend, and it would feature interactive video conversations with the whales.

But if you want to play, you can do so in real time through a messaging app like WhatsApp, which currently supports WhaleHub, according a Business Insider article.

There are a few problems with the idea.

One, the WhaleHub app is just a messaging application.

It doesn’t have any real-world functionality, nor does it have the social network’s built-in whale-chat functionality.

And if it were a game, there’s no way to tell whether a whale will be a friend or a foe, and you don’t have a way to know how the whales respond to your actions.

The WhaleHub game is just like other games you might play on Facebook, but it’s just not a whale game.

Second, the idea isn’t new.

The social media platform has been working with game developers for some time.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Facebook-owned company partnered with developer Turtle Rock in 2015 to bring its game “Camelot: Beyond the Fjords” to mobile platforms.

That game, which was released in early 2017, featured “a sea creature that would give you a chance to win a whale.”