Google Play is one of the most sought-after mobile gaming platforms for consumers and developers alike, and it’s no surprise to find it one of our top sources of indie mobile gaming.

Here’s a look at the top 10 most popular indie mobile titles on the Play Store.


Biggies: The Lost Expedition by SEGA, PC version available on Android, iOS, Amazon Appstore, iOS App store, Google Play Store (UK).


The Lost: The Adventurer by Nintendo, PC, iPhone, iPad version available from Amazon, iOS app store,, Google play store.


The Secret World by Codemasters, Android, iPhone and iPad version also available on Google play.


Super Mario Galaxy by Nintendo of America, PC and iOS version available in App store.


Biggs: The Journey by Natsume, iPhone version available.


Super Crazy: Battle for the Future by Sega, iPhone game available.


Biggie’s Adventure: A Tale of Two Cities by Sega Mobile, iPhone App store version available and is available on Amazon.


BigGies: Biggie’s Adventure by Sega, iPhone app store version also released in iOS App Store and Amazon App store in November.


Big Gies: New Adventures by Sengoku Studios, iOS version also launched in Apple App Store.


The Great Biggie: The Legend of Biggie Goes to Hollywood by Sega of America.