The best way for a film director to get the word out is by getting your film seen by as many people as possible.

That’s the goal, according to Paulina Vastola, who runs the Italian branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

And that’s where the Academy’s new Mobile Cookbook comes in.

“It’s a great way to get exposure and get people talking about your film.

It’s not just a film that’s going to get a lot of attention but the story of the film as well,” she says.

The mobile app, which launched this week, has over 1,000 pages and features an interactive tutorial for anyone interested in making their own films.

“We have a special section for those who are new to making films, and they’re able to start out with the basics of how to shoot and what equipment you need,” she explains.

There’s also a section for people who have made some films, which you can check out for free.

The app also features a tutorial for filmmakers who have already made films. “

You don’t have to have a PhD in cinematography to get your film made.”

The app also features a tutorial for filmmakers who have already made films.

Here’s how it works: A movie is selected from a shortlist of films to shoot, and then the film’s director will meet with the crew and shoot a scene.

The crew then share a story and the film is then screened at the Venice Film Festival.

The process of making a film can be a bit complicated, but the Academy says it’s an important one.

“With the help of the mobile app you can see how the entire film process can be made and then make your own film yourself,” says Vastoa.

“A movie has a story to tell, a cast to cast, a location to set, and a crew to cast and crew to crew.”

For filmmakers, the app can be used to find the right film studio and set-up studios, but it’s also good for the rest of the industry.

“Our team are always looking for new ways to help the industry to grow and to improve,” says Lidia Vastella, the Academy Director of Digital Media.

“So we have to keep making great films, but we also have to take care of the needs of our audience.”

The Academy says there are more than 600 mobile films currently in production, and more than 20 more in the pipeline.

“What’s important is to keep the mobile film community informed about the latest film developments,” she adds.

“Whether it’s by posting the film on Facebook or Twitter or sharing the trailer or the synopsis, we want the mobile community to have access to all the information.”

For more information on the Mobile Cookbooks, check out their website.

The Academy of Movie Arts and Science, which runs the Oscars, also has a website that has all the latest information about the Oscars.

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