If you were to ask the average smartphone owner who they bought their first smartphone for, the answer is usually somewhere in between February and July.

But when will you ever see an Android-based game launch on a platform other than Android?

This question is particularly pertinent as many Android users don’t seem to know where they can find great Android mobile games.

We’ve been here before.

Just a few months ago, we asked a panel of smartphone and tablet developers for their opinions on when the next big Android game release is expected.

Most of them replied with July.

While July is a pretty good month to launch a mobile app, the real question we wanted to ask was, when will a new Android-powered game launch?

We found out in the answers below, and they’re pretty telling.

Let’s start with the Android developers who were most likely to answer, August:In the past, we’ve seen the launch of a few Android games in August and September.

And we’ve also seen a few mobile games launch in August or September, such as the popular game “Dolphin: Lost World” from developer Mango Games, as well as “Walking Dead: The Telltale Series” from Telltale Games.

But that’s just one example of when the Android community has been a bit more cautious, so August seems to be a better bet.

The Android developers we talked to have seen the app market shift to a more mobile-centric one, where users have grown accustomed to buying smartphones and tablets from carriers and retailers.

However, a few developers have indicated that July and August are more likely times to see new Android games launch.

For instance, the mobile game developer at the center of the “Sick of It All” meme, the indie developer Team Ninja, has also suggested that Android is the better time to release a new game on Android, because it allows developers to focus on developing for the platform, while the iOS platform is less accessible.

In a video posted on Twitter, Team Ninja developer Andrew “Chunk” Chunks said that while Android has more developer-friendly features, the app’s user interface and features like game tracking and auto-playing are less developed.

Chunks suggested that developers should take a step back and see whether Android offers the same amount of features and tools that iOS does, or if developers can build more interesting games that appeal to both Android and iOS users.

Chunk also suggested, however, that the lack of Android-only games might be a problem, because Android is a popular platform for many developers.

“It’s not a bad thing to release new games, especially if you’re working on a big title,” Chunks told Kotaku.

“But if you make a game for Android, then you’ll be more likely to get the attention of the mobile app stores.”

Chunks also said that the platform could help developers focus on their work more, by providing a wider range of features.

“I think we’re probably looking at the future of the industry more than ever,” he said.

“It’s more likely that we’ll see more mobile games coming out, because mobile devices have been a huge success for developers, especially in China.

And I think it’s a good time to start thinking about how to build games for Android.”

So how long will it take for Android-exclusive games to launch?

Chunks is one of the more vocal developers who has said that Android has always been the platform that has been the most popular for mobile games due to its wide selection of developers and an abundance of available apps.

According to Chunks, Android is “probably the most successful platform for mobile app development,” but that it’s not always easy to find new apps that have great gameplay.

For example, there were only two Android games released for iOS during the summer of 2015.

Both of those games were developed by developers from China.

As Android has become more popular, there’s been a rise in popularity of iOS-exclusive Android mobile apps, which is where “WALKING DEAD: THE TALE” and “THE GAMES ARE HARD” come from.

It’s possible that Android games may be less popular in the coming months, especially as iOS continues to dominate mobile games in the U.S.

The number of Android games available for purchase on Android has also declined.

According the latest NPD Group report, Android has seen a decline of 10.7 percent compared to last year.

This decrease has been driven by the growth of other platforms like iOS, where iOS revenue grew by nearly 17 percent in the same time period.

As we’ve discussed before, Android games are still quite popular on iOS.

As such, the platform is still growing, but it’s difficult to predict exactly how long Android will continue to be the most dominant platform for Android games.

Chunks and Team Ninja have both noted that Android will likely remain the platform for new Android mobile app launches for years to come.

However in the meantime, there are plenty of

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