Nier Automata will be available for Android in India, with a release expected in the next few months.

A report by NDTV claims that the game is coming to Android devices in 2018.

NDTV has sourced a leaked list of games that will be included in the Android version.

It includes Nier’s mobile title, Nier, and the upcoming Nier Mobile title, which was recently released for iPhone.

It also includes NieR: Automatie, a game that is currently exclusive to iOS.

It has been widely reported that Nier was going to be exclusive to Android in the past.

However, this leak shows that the Nier Android version is coming, along with, the company that is developing the game.

According to NDTV, NieA’s official website is currently offline.

The NDTV report claims that it is likely that the Android Nier app will be released in 2018, and will be a separate app for Android devices.

NDtv also claims that developers will be able to share their work with Android users, but this information has not been confirmed.

The Nier mobile games are expected to be a part of Nier games for mobile, the NieB series.

The first game is expected to launch for Android phones in the fall of 2018.

NieIeR: Rondo of Blood was also rumoured to be coming to mobile.