If you’re a female gamer and you want to play games that are more inclusive of women, then the best way to do it is to buy a game that features playable female characters. 

It’s not like women are being censored in gaming right now, and the games industry is certainly not doing enough to make sure that it’s doing enough for gamers. 

For example, if you’re looking to play a game with a female protagonist, you’re going to have to invest a fair amount of money to get it. 

But if you buy a mobile game that doesn’t feature a playable female character, you’ll be able to enjoy a game without having to invest that kind of money. 

So, if the idea of playing games with female characters appeals to you, then you might want to check out these 10 games that feature female protagonists. 

And if you think you might like some of these games, don’t forget to get in touch with the developers and ask them to add female characters to their games. 


Braid: The Binding of Isaac Rebirth by Yager I’ve never played the original Braid, but the second and third games are great games with playable female protagonists that are still enjoyable for all genders. 

Braid: Rebirth is a free-to-play action RPG that allows you to play as the character Shavronne, who can be a healer, a fighter, a thief, a warrior, or a ninja. 

She’s got all the moves you’d expect from a fighting game character, but she’s also got some cool skills and items that can help her with the challenges of her role. 

When you play as her, you can customize her hair color, outfit, and armor. 

You can also make her a companion, which lets her fight alongside other characters in multiplayer. 

As you play, you get to play with her at different levels. 

There’s also a free multiplayer mode, where you can explore the game’s levels, and you can buy extra equipment to get better at the game. 


Fable Legends: The Fall of Raven Hill by Crystal Dynamics Raven Hill is a fantasy world in which a group of hunters, adventurers, and wizards are fighting a deadly dragon. 

The game takes place during the era of the First Age, a time where mages were experimenting with magic and monsters were a daily occurrence. 

Raven is the leader of the hunters, and she leads the group to defeat the dragon.

But when the dragon awakens and attacks Raven, the group must fight for their lives in a desperate fight to save their world. 

Fable Legends is a good-looking, well-made, and challenging RPG. 


Kongregate: The King of Kong: Double Impact by Korean developer KONGregate is a platformer that focuses on exploring a large city filled with multiple levels.

The story follows a group that has been sent on a mission to investigate a strange anomaly. 

While exploring the city, you must battle enemies, solve puzzles, and solve the mysteries of the city. 

Each level is unique and you have to complete each level before you can exit the city and begin a new one. 

If you like platformers, you might be interested in this game.


Chronos: The Ultimate Collection by Naughty Dog In Chronos, you control a character named Chronos who has been transported to the planet Earth from another planet. 

Your mission is to find the planet’s ancient past, uncover the mysteries behind Chronos’s arrival, and defeat the evil Chronosian army. 

During your mission, you will travel through a variety of worlds and environments. 

To get around the different environments, you need to interact with the various items in the game and collect various objects. 

This is where Chronos’ unique gameplay comes into play. 


Titanfall: The Complete First Strike by Microsoft The original Titanfall has some great characters that you can play with in multiplayer mode. 

These characters are named, and they can be unlocked by playing Titanfall online with friends. 

In multiplayer mode players can unlock characters by completing missions with them. 

Here are some of the more notable characters that have been unlocked for multiplayer: Mogul: A human warrior who has a reputation for bravery, loyalty, and courage. 

He’s a hard-working and dedicated soldier. 

Zarya: A female-dominated military officer. 

A member of the Overwatch team, she’s very skilled at stealth and team fighting. 

Mercy: A powerful female leader who was the first to defect to the Alliance. 

With her ability to fly, Mercy can cause massive damage with her devastating air strikes. 

Pharah: An American soldier who’s seen combat at the front lines and was instrumental

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