The 10 best mobile games for iOS are mostly about the same as the 10 best console games for the iPhone, which were all released earlier this year.

The top ten games in iOS are:· Watch Dogs 2· Watchdogs 2· Hitman: Absolution· Batman: Arkham Origins· Battlefield Hardline· Star Wars: Battlefront· The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3· Batman 2: DC Superheroes· The Sims 4· Madden NFL 16· Battlefield 1· Halo Wars· The Witcher 3· Overwatch· Splatoon 2· Batman 3: Beyond Gotham· Destiny 2· Destiny· Borderlands 2· Overwatch 2· Halo: The Master Chief Collection· Splinter Cell: Blacklist· Gears of War 4· Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered· Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition· Grand Theft Auto V· Madden 25, NFL 25, NBA 2K16, and WWE 2K15· The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct· Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft· NBA 2k15· and Madden NFL.

In the console game category, we have Battlefield Hardlines, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, Battlefield: Bad Company, NBA Jam, NBA Playgrounds, NBA Live, and NBA 2X.

For the most part, these are the best-looking, most-satisfying, and most-entertaining console games of the past five years.· NBA Jam: Battle of the Century· NBA Live 18: The Last of Us Remastered· Call Of Duty: Black Ops III· NBA Sports Classics· Call To Arms· Call to Arms: World War II· Call for Duty: World At War· Calliope· Calligra· Callum�s Quest· Dark Souls· Doom· Dead Space 3· Dark Messiah of Might and Magic· The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim· EverQuest Next· F1 2015· Forza Horizon 2· FIFA 17· Gears Of War 4: Ultimate Edition· Halo 5: Guardians· Madden 27, NBA 30, NBA 13, NBA 15, Madden 18, NHL 13, and NHL 14· and NBA Live 16· Madden Pro 12· and NFL 15· Madden Mobile· NBA Ultimate Team· NBA Payback· NBA Playground Pro· NBA2K17· NBA Soccer 14· NFL Blitz· NBA Superstars· NBA Showdown 2· and Need for Speed: Rivals· NBA Street Edition· NBA Racing League· NHL 16· and NHL 16 Classic· NHL 15· NHL Fantasy 15· and NCAA Football 15· NBA Slam Dunk Pro· NHL 14 Pro· and FIFA 16· NBA Blitz Pro· NFL 15 Blitz· NFL Live 16 Pro· UFC 2: Ultimate Fighting Championship: Fatal Fury· and WWE SmackDown!

Live!· NBA Now and UFC Undisputed 12.· The Hobbit: Battle for Middle-earth· Halo Reach· Halo 2: Anniversary· Halo 3: ODST· and Halo: Reach Anniversary· and Gears of Wars 3: Master Chief Anniversary· The Lost Vikings· and LEGO Dimensions· The LEGO Batman Movie· and Batman: The Telltale Series· The Lego Batman Movie 2· The Little Mermaid· and The LEGO Movie 2: Batman Begins· and Disney Infinity 2.0· and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy· Marvel Super Heroes Super Heroes· Lego Marvel Superhero Heroes· and Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu· LEGO Marvel Super Hero Girls· Marvel Pinball Arcade Tour· The Great Pumpkin Land· and the LEGO Batman movie: The Movie· LEGO Star Wars® The Force Awakens· and Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Saga· Lego Ninjas In Pyjamas· LEGO Dimensions 2.5· LEGO Ninjax· The Last Jedi· LEGO Avengers: Age of Ultron· and Minecraft: Play Anywhere.

These are all very good mobile games, and if you can find them, I’m all for you.

I like playing these on my iPhone.

The only issue is that there are some games that are way better on the iPhone than they are on the iPad.

I don’t think there are any of those.

So I have no problem with that.

The 10 worst mobile games are:● Minecraft: iOS 7.3.2, 7.4.2 (Android only)● Madden NFL 18, NFL 15, NFL 17, NBA Blitz, NBA 1.5, and NCAA Basketball 15· Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U· FIFA 18· Madden NCAA Football 17· The Simpsons: Tapped Out· and Transformers Prime· and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare· The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2· Minecraft Pocket Edition· Call OF Duty: Advanced Warfare· and Splatoon™2· Minecraft Classic Edition· Pokemon Black and White· CallofDuty: Blackjack 2· CallOfDuty Blackjack II· and Grand Theft Autosport· The Banner Saga· and Watch Dogs.

The best games of 2017 are the ones that are coming to mobile this year:· Call and Response· Super