Why kids should watch video games instead of watching movies

Kids should watch movies instead of video games, according to a new report from Consumer Reports.

The report says kids should also avoid buying expensive movies or TV shows online.

But the study also warns that parents should never rely on a single app or site to control the kids’ viewing habits.

“Parents should always monitor their kids’ play habits to ensure that they are not falling behind the curve,” said Caren Anderson, chief executive officer of Consumer Reports, in a statement.

“They should also be vigilant about the amount of time spent on apps and games, especially when they are on the go.”

While the report says that apps and online services like Netflix and Spotify should be avoided, it says that parents also should watch out for apps and other online services that provide children with additional features or content that could make their favorite video games less appealing to them.

For example, the study suggests that some online services offer kids exclusive features, like “hits” or “counters,” which offer bonuses or reward players.

For this reason, it recommends that parents check out apps like the App Store to see what’s available.

“Kids should also look for games that they can play with their friends, or with their parents,” Anderson said.

“When parents are watching a movie or TV show, they may want to see whether the app or game is the same, or whether there are any special features that the app does not have.”

If the apps and services do not offer the same features, parents should be aware of the risks, Anderson said, adding that they should avoid playing apps or services that may give their kids access to content that is not relevant to their interests.

The study was conducted in April 2018 and surveyed 1,000 parents and children.

The research also found that the majority of kids were interested in playing games on devices like tablets or smartphones, but that many of them were not familiar with how to interact with games on a TV or computer.

The average age of a child participating in the study was 7.3 years old.